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This also could have been computed in ReliaSoft's ALTA software or with the Load & Life Parameter Experimenter in BlockSim. This was done in Time-Dependent System Reliability (Analytical) .

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Event tree analysis (ETA) is also a logical model for both failure and success responses from individual factor. The model has a number of pathways for analyzing probabilities of results and the analysis of the whole structure. Event tree analysis is used for checking the effects of functions, or any error systems. Here you can see an example of deciding the purchasing channel of software. You can choose different price categories with different payoffs, or borrow from your friends.

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Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is another technique for reliability and safety analysis. Bell Telephone Laboratories developed the concept in 6967 for the US Air Force for use with the Minuteman system. It was later adopted and extensively applied by the Boeing Company. Fault tree analysis is one of many symbolic analytical logic techniques found in operations research and in system reliability. Other techniques include reliability block diagrams (RBDs).

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This sample shows a Code Fault Tree. If you want design a professional looking fishbone diagram , or cause and effect diagrams , ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 's fault tree analysis software extended with the "Fault Tree Analysis Diagrams" Solution is a best choice for you.

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Fault tree analysis is a powerful tool in the maintenance management field and beyond. It provides a scalable, repeatable process of discovery that is fairly easy to learn and implement. When used with other analytical methods, such as FMEA and event tree analysis, its effectiveness can quickly increase.

A fault tree analysis shows maintenance team members a visual representation of how a problem occurred and the potential pathways that led to the main failure event.


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Fault tree analysis is useful in engineering, especially in industries where failure can have huge consequences such as nuclear power or aeronautics. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) method was used to create the causes of accidents and the results have been tested with Monte Carlo Simulation.